Cardio Saturday

Every Saturday

 10:15am -11:15am

Join us every Saturday for a complimentary Cardio session.

Studio Feature June 2017: BRICK New York 

June Instructors: Ben Sweeney and Sherry Ward 

First-come, first-served. 

Sunday Yoga

Every Sunday in June



Join us every Sunday for a complimentary yoga session.

Studio Feature June 2017: Tangerine Hot Power Yoga

June Instructors:

  • June 4th: Terri Barnett
  • June 11th: Romina Piersanti
  • June 18th: Abby Abruzzo 
  • June 25th: Alyzeh Ashraff 
Fist-come, first-served.





 Variant Fit

Wednesdays at 6:45p and Sundays at 10:05a 

Come sweat it out at HUB seventeen with lululemon ambassador Mike Michalski. Mike is the owner of Variant Fit, a boutique holistic fitness company that offers private training and group fitness classes.  Mike offers two amazing workshops here at the HUB each week:

SHIFT: (Structured-High-Intensity-Functional-Training) is a 50-min heart pumping, fast paced, total-body strength & conditioning workout filled with plyometrics, functional movements and intense HIIT work with kettlebells, battle ropes & medicine balls. Please note that this is a high-intensity format.  

E-F-S: Mike's newest workshop is the embodiment of what makes Variant Fit unique. The EFS system (Efficiency, Functionality, & Self-Improvement), which forms the backbone of his approach to health and wellness, comes through in this class. In this 60-min workshop, intense exercise, functional movement, mindfulness, and integrated stretching come together to create the perfect balance of power + flow.


Cost: $20 each workshop (with promo code VARIANT)

Reservations can be made directly online:  https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=241811


Pact Park

For daily schedule please visit:






Get a taste of PACT PARK by co-creators, Jay Centeno & Layla Luciano!  Unleash your inner superhero with a 30 minute small group session on the Nexersys and Lynx board! There are only 8 spots per session so reserve your spot today! PACT PARK is NYC's newest high intensity, high tech, high end, group fitness experience. The unique workout combines:  Boxing and MMA strike training on a Nexersys machine that calculates strikes, accuracy and power AND Friction training which concentrates on mobility, balance, control and coordination, using bodyweight training to maximize form, speed and power.

Workshop price: $20 (with promo code FIGHTCLUB)                                                                    


Dance Workshop

w/ Kristin Sudeikis

Every Tues/Thurs 6:30-7:30pm




                       Tuesdays - Contemporary 

                        Thursdays - Dance Party!

                         All levels welcomed.

                        $20 exchange with the instructor.