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Digital Discipline = Happier Humans

Do you feel burned out or experience brain fog regularly? Are your relationships suffering from using too much tech? Do you sleep with your phone? If so, it's time to disconnect to reconnect .

Digital Detoxes are all the craze, but not everyone can disconnect for a week in the wilderness. What if you could gain the same clarity from one evening in New York City with the wisdom of a Digital Detox and Connection Expert .

Join Holland Haiis and lululemon Soho for an evening of light bites, refreshments and some valuable tools to help with your digital discipline. We'll explore how your current technological decisions may be impacting relationships, creativity and well-being.

  • Examine how to work in conjunction with technology to better benefit your brain, body and boost productivity.

  • Understand why visually drinking green increases your health and well-being.

  • Learn what steps you can take to tap into your creativity, and so much more.

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