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Creative Vibes Only: Dancer Edition 1:30pm-3:00pm

Join professional Dancer, Danni Rogers and his team from creative consultancy, Age of the Creative(AOTC) on Wednesday, 6/19 for a special dancer edition of their Creative Vibes Only workshop.  There are two class times available: 1:30-3pm and 3:30-5pm

Creative Vibes Only Accelerator is an interactive workshop designed to equip creative artists, entrepreneurs and those aspiring with the tangible tools and developmental resources needed to grow their careers, brands and accelerate the business of their creativity. 

This special edition, includes a dance masterclass by Rogers with special guests and a workshop by AOTC where we re-imagine the day-to-day challenges through the lens of creativity as a valuable solution covering:

Goal Setting,

Branding — how to build your personal and brand narra

Establishing Your digital footprint
Personal Content development 

Daily personal Development

Open and available for all levels.

To register for the 1:30 class, click here