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How To Perform Everyday: It's Simpler Than You Think

What does performance mean to you? What do you think it takes to function like a pro-athlete? Are you currently stuck on a training plateau?

There are three topics that don’t get as much shine in performing at 100% every day. The founders at Match Fit Performance will discuss how recovery, training frequency, and quality of movement can affect performance. You’ll walk away with a different view on what performance means to you and some useful tools to immediately incorporate to your training to help you train smarter and avoid hitting plateaus.

For attending our event, we’re offering an entry to a raffle that includes:

  • Two, one-month packages to work with a founder of Match Fit Performance ($500 cost)

  • Two, one-off consultations with a founder of Match Fit Performance ($300 cost)

  • Two pairs of tickets to two NYCFC home matches at Yankee Stadium (TBD)

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