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Don't Hate, Meditate! Book Signing and Meditation with Megan Monohan

MAGIC is first and foremost an inside job. (Cue the meditation!) The elements of life that inspire us are the catalyst to activating the magic within. And at this time of year there is so much energy swirling around us this time of year as we celebrate "what was" and create space for what might be in the next. Come and learn how to use meditation to alchemize that energy into magic in your life.

Meditation master and Author Megan Monahan (and LA Lululemon ambassador!) is dropping in to demystify meditation and inspire us with vibes from her recently published book, Don’t Hate, Meditate!. This book is a modern guide to no-nonsense meditation for everyday soul-searchers that takes readers beyond empty Instagram truisms to the simple yet effective ways to "meditate their way through the bad sh*t and into the good sh*t.” Megan has masterfully bottled her magic in this book and will be bringing her wit, authenticity, depth and expansiveness to this conversation (and book signing!) to give you a taste of what you can find more of in Don’t Hate, Meditate!

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