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Good Health Starts with Gut Health with Dr. Shustina

  • Lululemon (Hub Seventeen) 114 Fifth Avenue (map)

Please join us for a special event featuring Dr. Alexandra Shustina, New York City’s only Integrative Gastroenterologist and Lauren Wingent, nutrition educator with 80/20 Wellness. Get ready for a fun and educational event, and learn how to optimize your gut function to achieve total body health.

The gut is the main entry point in the body. What we bring in and how we process it can cause total and complete health or chronic disease. In this talk, we will learn about the importance of gut health and how it relates to total health. We will learn about the brain-gut connection, how our thoughts create our health and how our gut health affects our brain. We will learn that food must be medicine and that we treat and optimize most health problems by addressing the gut first. The gut microbiome is a big part of this process and we will learn about how these smart bugs can help us be healthy, thin, happy and more.