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Women's Self Defense Class

I got a call one day no one wants to get. My best friend had been mugged on the street close to her apartment. Thankfully, she was not harmed, but she was very shook up. I went to look up some self defense classes as a way for me to be able to support her as she healed. To my surprise, all of the self defense classes I found are taught by men in martial arts studios - not the best environment for someone who has been through a traumatic experience.

I knew I needed to create a class that was in a safe environment for women to come together to learn self defense and personal safety in a supportive, compassiante community. I reached out to Self Defense and Personal Safety expert Dawn Nadeau and she is donating her time to teach this class for us. In the class we will learn some very pratical and actionable advice and moves to feel more safe in this sometimes crazy and dangerous city.

What to expect:

In a 60 minute session, we will begin to unpack this loaded topic with a combination of specific tips & techniques, concepts, and a new way to think about your personal safety in an on-going, but not anxiety-producing way. Using physical examples and group discussion and activities, we will address a number of specific scenarios.

Avoidance & Awareness: This is the cardinal rule of personal safety, yet what does that really mean and how can you put it into action in your daily life?

Tools of Defense: We all carry tools around with us every day we can use to keep ourselves safe. What are they and how can we use them?

The Silent Scream Understanding the link between mind and body and what happens in tense situations is a critical element of staying safe.

Let’s Get Physical No one can learn to become a master of self defense in one session, but learning a few simple techniques can change your perception of your ability to defend yourself.

Incorporating good personal safety habits into our lives is much like fitness or healthy eating: it’s easy to become lax, yet the benefits of creating good habits will last a lifetime and, in this case, may just save your life. 

***To ensure a safe space, this class is reserved only for those who identify as a woman.***

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