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INEZ: The Suffrage Herald - a one woman show

INEZ: The Suffrage Herald
a one woman show

Doors open at 7pm
Performance starts at 7:30pm
Run time: 45 min

“Mr. President, how long must women wait for liberty?” were Inez Milholland’s powerful last words that helped carry the suffrage movement, long past her untimely death, to victory.  Inez devoted her life to equality, regardless of class, race, and gender.  She gave everything she had to the cause, despite her endless health obstacles. She was an icon of the women’s movement, inspiring a nation with her Amazonian beauty, determination, and courageous temperament.  

"Beautiful and courageous, she embodied more than any other American woman, the ideals of that part of womenkind whose eyes are on the future. She embodied all the things which make the Suffrage Movement something more than a fight to vote. She meant the determination of modern women to live a full free life, unhampered by tradition."
-- The Philadelphia Public Ledger at the time of Inez Milholland’s death

About the artist:

Melissa Jessel: Melissa discovered Inez's story when she was in high school. From that moment on, Inez's endless drive and determination to win the vote for all women in the United States (coupled with her wit and flare for the dramatic) inspired Melissa to share her story. Melissa is grateful to have had the opportunity to share this piece with audiences of all ages. In New York, INEZ has been presented at The American Theatre of Actors, The United Solo Festival at Theatre Row, and at Seneca Falls as a part of the 100th Year Celebration of Suffrage in NY State. Melissa's other credits include The North Shore Music Theatre, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bristol Valley Theatre, and The Awesome 80’s Prom Off-Broadway. Next up, Melissa is co-producing and co-directing the original children's musical Bradical and the Pink Socks. Love and thanks to my elements for the inspiration, Carolina Monnerat for giving me the chance to be here tonight, Lauren Unbekant for teaching me all that I know, and to my family for their endless support. Forward out of error, leave behind the night, forward through the darkness, forward into light!


I first picked up the book The Life and Times of Inez Milholland my junior year of high school.  Since then, her story has become very dear to me. After my introduction to Inez, I learned more about the Women’s Suffrage Movement than I ever had in school. My telling of Inez’s story has developed and grown over the last few years and I am insanely excited to share it with all of you at what seems to be more and more the perfect time. Inez's fight for equality is one of many that brought us to where we are today,101 years later, begging every individual to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming November elections. I hope that through a narrow look into one woman’s life, INEZ: The Suffrage Herald reminds audiences of the great history and power each vote holds. Thank you for helping to celebrate Inez Milholland’s contribution by joining us this evening!

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Photo by: Tom Kordenbrock

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