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Body Tectonics

  • HUB Seventeen 114 5th Avenue New York, NY, 10011 United States (map)

Body Tectonics

Adam Schersten- Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and Author of the Esquire Guide to Bodyweight Training brings us Body Tectonics, an interactive educational experience that teaches the foundations of healthy posture and movement. Do you have low back or neck pain? Can you feel your posture slumping from all the computer and smartphone use? Come learn what modern day life is doing to us all and change the lens from which you view your posture, pain and injury. Identify key mobility restrictions in yourself and receive corrective strategies to improve your posture and movement ability. Whatever your practice is, make it work better for you by bringing it to a new level!

Here’s an easy leg alignment check you can do at home. Stand in front of a full length mirror. Lift one leg as high as you comfortably can with the knee bent and the foot flexed up towards the ceiling, it a tall marching stance. Look at the alignment of the thigh, knee and foot. Do they naturally line up straight with each other or does the thigh drop in and the foot swing out? Now check the other side. Does it look the same? These kinds of misalignment can cause all kinds of problems and are easy to fix once you find the problem.

Adam is a published author and has focused his education and experience on Postural Alignment, Functional Movement and Corrective Exercise. With extensive knowledge about the self-contained capacity the human body has for improvement, Adam has formulated a system for people to better manage their own posture, pain, injury and longevity. Driven by the concept that self-care is health-care, Adam's work is helping shape the future of health and wellness.

$20 suggested donation.  All proceeds go to the New York City Public School Athletic League.

Later Event: March 2
Women's Power Hour