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Handstand Elixir

Handstand Elixir with lululemon ambassador Nicole Calhoun

Finding balance on your hands is a multi-faceted affair. There are so many moving parts involved in finding success! In this unique workshop, we will focus on three major parts of a successful handstand: strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Taken alone, each of these fundamentals may allow you to kick up and pause, but you’ll need all THREE to kick up and STAY up. Along with the importance of strength, flexibility, and endurance, you’ll learn several drills and techniques that will help you build your solid handstand foundation.

You’ll also learn several entry methods that you can incorporate into your practice on a daily basis. This workshop is for handstand lovers of all levels-beginners to solid handstanders! If you can comfortably hold a solid down dog, you’re ready for Handstand Elixir! 2 hour workshop,

$20 exchanged to teacher upon arrival.

Earlier Event: October 27
C.H.I.L.L. Method Happy Hour
Later Event: November 4
DonorUP x Big Joe Fauria