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Transcendence Through Mindfulness: "Dharma for the Novice" with Isabela Sabino

  • HUB seventeen 114 5th Avenue New York, NY, 10011 United States (map)

Transcendence Through MINDFULNESS

"Dharma for the Novice"

PROGRAM: This session will guide you through a journey of liberation by connecting you to your awakening power and releasing of all negative thoughts which are the causes of suffering. These thoughts arrest us into forgetting our true loving nature, blocking our flow and universal connection through consciousness.

With this practice, true awareness brings the experience of peace and expansion, and the physiology undergoes a change as every cell in the body is filled with more prana flowing. This results in joy, peace, and enthusiasm as the level of energy in the body increases.

When we heal the mind, we also heal the physical body. Bringing serenity and a healthier way of living.

BIO: Isabela teaches through the wisdom of love and awareness the awakening of our true self through her guidance and methods of mindfulness and prana healing. She has been trained in the theravada Buddhist meditation since 2006 and as a certified Reiki Master. And after her own awakening, she began teaching about the truth of our being. 

She is currently working on a book about enlightenment and healing through the mastery of embracing the power of love and equality. More on the instructor at

$20 - exchange with teacher prior to workshop