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Wellness Event with Modrn Sanctuary

Please join Modrn Sanctuary from 3-5pm on June 22, 2017 for the following holistic classes!

3PM    THE SUGAR DETOX DIET with Lorraine Kearney  

With sugar added to 80% of foods in a supermarket, it can be hard to get away from it. This sneaky ingredient has been linked to many illnesses which can prevent us from living a full and healthy life. Leaky gut, inflammation, weight gain, adrenal fatigue, bloating, weakened immunity, digestive discomfort, premature aging, anxiety, and mental fog are just some of the side effects sugar can have on the body.

LKN’s Sugar Detox Challenge is an all natural holistic approach to reset gut health, purifying the body and mind. A 21 day program is created using whole foods to organically restore the microbiome to improve immune response and to decrease inflammation. At the end of the program, you will feel energized, your food habits will be changed, and your taste buds will no longer crave the sweet or salty foods they once did!

3:30PM   STRUCTURAL FOOT BALANCING with Rachel Gronningsater

Balance your entire body by balancing your feet! Learn a 15 minute self protocol that will loosen up/decongest the muscles and tissue of the feet in order to facilitate ease in joint movement, mobility, realignment and balance. By learning to take care of your own feet you can reverse foot problems such as fallen arches (flat feet), bunions, ankle, knee and hip problems and many more. Walk, or run, away with the tools to keep you and your feet happy and beautiful.

4PM        EN LIGHTEN EATING:  Enhancing Your Well-Being Through Ayurvedic Tips With Neelam Singh

Often times, we are suffering from a weak digestion - it may lead to feelings of indigestion, bloatedness, lethargy, sleepiness, heaviness and/or low energy and be the source of physical, mental and emotional ailments and/or chakra imbalances.  Leveraging off the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, this 30-minute workshop will offer easy-to-implement principles relating to food and lifestyle choices that will aid in strengthening your digestion.  The intention of this workshop is to deepen your understanding of the intimate connection between food and physical, emotional and mind well-being. 

Cost $5

 RSVP ASAP HERE to reserve your spot.