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EARTHLY MATTERS - A workshop with Rima Rabbath & Miles Neale

EARTHLY MATTERS - A workshop with Rima Rabbath & Miles Neale

Planet earth is our life raft floating in space. Her delicate biosphere containing inter-dependent eco-systems, diverse species and precious resources are being threatened by human afflictions driven by delusion.

The ancient wisdom and practices of Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism offer timeless solutions to help us reconnect with a sacred vision, caring attitude and balanced lifestyle that can restore our connection with Mother Earth and all her earthlings.

In this 3-hour sadhana, yogini Rima Rabbath and Buddhist psychotherapist Dr. Miles Neale will use postures, breath-work, chanting and visualization to lead us on a mind-heart expanding odyssey to re-awaken us to inter-being, love, and creativity before it’s too late.

A $45 fee will be exchanged with the teachers prior to workshop.