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Kinstretch Injury Prevention Workshop


Kinstretch is a 60-minute session that serves to help you develop maximum body control, flexibility and increase your range of motion. Kinstretch is a system, based on scientific research, that serves to restore your function and to provide you with the pre-requisites that you need to play your sport or do your activity, effectively, efficiently and without the fear of getting injured. All sports and activities involve distinct demands that are placed on the body. If your body can’t move in the way it needs to move in order to perform a given activity, the end result will most likely be injury. Kinstretch helps make your body more resistant to injury by preparing your muscles and joints for the demands that they will inevitably encounter. Kinstretch does not replace Yoga, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, CrossFit, the Barre Method, Soul Cycle, but rather, it will keep you on the mat, on the bike, in the game and keep you doing the activities that you love.


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