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Laughter Yoga at HUB Seventeen

Let's laugh! Laughing is a fun way to live a more healthy, free-spirited and abundant life. 

As laughter becomes a regular part of our lives we learn to take life less seriously and more joyfully. We can see how the world is conspiring to help us achieve our goals. When we laugh, we release endorphins and reduce our stress related responses allowing our bodies to feel happy and free. 

When we feel well, we do well. When our bodies experience this state of wellbeing, creativity, motivation and productivity flourish.

Our laughter yoga workshops promote playful presence, mindless mindfulness, positive values, connection, stepping out of our mind and expressing ourself more fully. 

The workshop will be guided by Laughter Yoga Leaders Michelle and Yasmin Soufian. 

Learn more and  RSVP here . Early bird special of $15 until September 22nd!