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Light Hearts: Sound Healing + Yoga Flow & Meditation

  • HUB seventeen 114 5th avenue New York, NY 10011 USA (map)

A workshop featuring sound healing, yoga, and meditation to purify the Anahata Chakra, leaving the heart as light as a feather.
The frosted quartz crystal singing bowl will be played harmonically to the spiritual center associated with the power of compassion within the human body. The associated alpha waves coming from the bowl will enhance relaxation assisting in the lighting of the heart.
By using mantras (sacred utterances), mudras (sacred gestures), and asanas (poses), we will direct purifying energy through the heart chakra and release pent up energies that block healing and loving capabilities. 
In meditation, through the use of breath-work and chakra toning we will deepen our ability to connect with our mansion of compassion in harmony with the mind. 
Teachers: Darius Wigfall and Kristen Smith
Price: $18 exchanged to teachers upon arrival