The staff at HUB Seventeen has been so kind to me; hosting HOUSEWORK there each week has been a pleasure. 
It’s a great space to build community within the studio and outside of it.
— sydney miller
Studio space at the Flatiron location.

Studio space at the Flatiron location.


Interested in teaching?

We’d love to meet you! The best way to get on our schedule is to form a relationship with us. So come to the stores, visit our co-working space, and introduce yourself.

What’s in it for you?


We want to make our classes accessible to as many people as possible, so generally speaking we charge $20 per class. As the instructor, you get that money minus the Mindbody fee (2.5%), which means you take home $19.50 per person who attends your class!


If you’re not already in, we add all instructors to our Sweat Collective, which gives you 25% off any purchase at a lululemon store.


We showcase our studio classes not only on our website and Mindbody, but also on the lululemon NYC social media. That’s over 45k eyes seeing your name, possibly for the first time!

Still interested?

Visit us in person, or email studio lead, Olivia Tschantz at We plan our studio schedule approximately 4 months in advance, and we’re always excited to meet potential instructors.

Being an instructor at HUB seventeen is very special for a few reasons:
1. The energy is electric. It’s fierce. It’s what you want a studio to feel like.
2. It really gets your name out there. You become bigger!
3. You are part of a community. It’s not every day you get to ‘work’ with incredible people.
4. It’s just damn sexy. Lululemon is sexy. Boom.
— Bryce Kennedy