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Join us every weekend for a complementary Cardio and Yoga session. *All weekend classes are canceled for an event Sept. 22-23




Saturday 10:15am

Marisa Merliss, Becca Pace + Ryan Daniel Beck– BodyART

BodyART is a holistic, functional, mind/body workout combining strength, cardio, flexibility and classical breathing techniques.  Based on the principles of Yin and Yang and the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, bodyART™ training creates a dynamic link between - active and passive movement creating a greater sense of balance in the body. Many of the movements in bodyART™ are inspired by yoga, pilates, tai chi, martial arts and tribal dance creating a synergy of physical training and mental relaxation. Classes are designed to meet the needs of each individual by offering multiple levels of difficulty for each exercise in this challenging barefoot workout.  

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Saturday, September 15 + Saturday, September 22


Come get a free mini-Stretch with Stretch*d. Stretch*d is the new one-on-one stretch space started by the founder of SLT. We offer 25min, 55min and 75min assisted stretch*s in Flatiron. Great for recovery, performance enhancement and overall relaxation.



Sunday 10:15am

Valeria Orozc & Joseph Brenna

As a way of healing and trying to understand life, Valeria began her interest in yoga after a life-threatening illness at the age of 16.  Valeria found her calling in kriya yoga and meditation and was in search of learning and practicing more to help advance her technique. After completing her 200, 500, 800 and 1000hr LOAY teacher training at Dharma, her new life began. With hard work and dedication in her practice, Valeria found herself teaching and mentoring teacher trainings at the very yoga studio that called her name almost three years prior; Dharma Yoga center. She continues to teach the way of Dharma both at the center and privately, and hopes to influence students from all over the world the same way she had been; so is the circle of life.

Hailing from New York, Joe was always interested in physical fitness and spirituality. As fate has it, he met his future fiancé Valeria in a vegan restaurant in Union Square. Valeria introduced him to Dharma yoga and he immediately was drawn to Sri Dharma’s compassionate teachings. He completed his 200-hour teacher training and is looking to complete his 500-hour training by next year. He is also now teaching at Dharma Yoga Center.